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4 Errors In One Play

(From a concert I performed for Special Olympics of Connecticut – SOCT – 2009). 

Click here to see the live version 

“When I was 11 years old, I played little league (baseball) in the Bronx. 

I did something I think no one ever did - I committed 4 errors on 1 play. (Audience chuckles) I’m going to show you what I did. 

I was put on third base and a ground ball came to me and I bobbled it - that was the first error. 

I took it and I threw it over the first baseman’s head - that was the second error. 

(Audience laughing) The person hit the ball, ran all the way around the bases, first baseman went, got the ball, threw it to me. 

I came and I dropped it - that’s three errors. (Audience really laughing) I picked the ball up, he’s going around home, 

I said… I’m going to get him now…(confident pretend throw) ….right over the catcher’s head. (Audience cracking up) 4 errors in 1 play! 

I actually have a website now called Four Errors in One Play (audience still laughing ) that I would like people to write in to, 

to tell  their experiences of how they have overcome going through something like that. (You’re here now)

I had a coach, his name was Pepe Crespo. He had just moved from Puerto Rico and he ran over to me. 

(Pause) What are you going to say to someone when that happens? 

The first thing you think is, your name is probably NOT going to be on the all star ballot this year! 

It’s NOT what he said. Pepe said to me: “You Never Give Up Hope". 

I am going to teach you, I’m going to make you the all-star third baseman” - which I became because of him. 

So I wrote a song, and it’s called Never Give Up Hope."

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